Self Confidence

Self-worth, Self-esteem, Self-confidence. We hear these terms so often yet so many of us struggle to feel any or much confidence/self-worth at all. We can constantly compare ourselves to others we see 'doing well' in our eyes and believe we fall short. We can pretend to be confident in many situations we have to deal with daily, for example being on public transport, dealing with colleagues at work, mixing with other students at university, speaking to strangers (e.g. shop assistants/bus drivers), yet inside we are crumbling, judging and berating ourselves for not being 'as good as others' or 'not good enough.'

A lack of self-confidence can be crippling and can hold us back in all or many aspects of our lives, work, career, studies, friendships, relationships, socialising and all human interactions. The lack of confidence will undoubtedly turn into negative thinking which can cause extreme anxiety.

The anxiety can show itself in many ways, you may be dealing with:

Thoughts being irrational, over analysing, catastrophising, obsessive thoughts, difficulty concentrating

Feelings of panic, fear, sadness, confusion, worthlessness, lonely (no-one really understands)

Physical symptoms can include: palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle tension, dry mouth, sweating.

The above are just a snapshot of symptoms you may experience when anxious.

Often we can identify issues, circumstances and events from our history that may have lead us to have a low opinion of ourselves. Poor family relationships, neglect, life changes, grief and loss, bullying, an abusive relationship. Any of these issues and many more can work to destroy our self-esteem, or maybe yours never got chance to develop at all.

The good news is it's never too late for change.

I have worked as a therapist for 15yrs and have incorporated psychosynthesis into my work for the last 9yrs. (which in my experience is one of the most effective styles of working with clients with confidence issues) The changes I have seen have been amazing and sometimes mind blowing. To watch someone get a deeper understanding of how and why they are thinking, feeling and behaving as they are. To then see them develop another aspect to their personality and with this a gaining of balance and control of their thoughts and feelings is a fantastic thing to see and a privilege to be part of that journey.

If any of the above feels at all familiar to you and you are ready to make some changes in your life, you know deep down that you deserve then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. If you would like to have a chat before you decide if you would like to engage in counselling, then I will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk or answer any questions via email if you prefer.