Relationship Issues

Healthy relationships are one of the most valuable and meaningful parts of our lives. Be that with parents/family, partners, friends or colleagues.

We all deal with many relationships throughout life and some can be difficult to manage. Unfortunately, healthy, fulfilling relationships don't always develop naturally.

As humans we are, by nature social animals. It Is the most natural thing in the world to want and need positive interactions and meaningful relationships/connections with others.

This is such a vital part of our human experience. So much so, that when our relationships are off balance, or we struggle to connect with or be understood by others, it can and does affect our health and happiness.

If you are having difficulties with any of your relationships/partnerships it may be helpful to explore why. Together we can try to understand underlying issues, that may be causing you problems in your current relationship/s.

For example, it's possible that previous experiences are still having an impact on you; historic patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful may need recognising adapting or changing, such as unhelpful reoccurring habits you have noticed within yourself.

Alternatively, you may find that you struggle to build and maintain strong connections with people. Perhaps you feel that you're never fully understood and lack confidence in being your true self within relationships.

Family dynamics can often be complex and extremely difficult to navigate. This can have a huge impact on the way we behave, feel, react and process situations or deal with people in our lives.

Recognising our contribution and input is vital in improving our abilities to connect with people. More specifically, together we can look at the way you respond to people/situations, how you allow people to treat you and the way you feel around different people and circumstances.

By exploring these important aspects together, you can make your first steps towards positive change.

Whatever the reason, if you are experiencing relationship difficulties, we can work together to try to develop a better way forward for you.