Grief and Loss

When we lose someone or something significant in our lives, the effects can be devastating.

Death is one of the taboo subjects many of us are uncomfortable talking about or have no idea how to deal with it. How many times have you heard people say, when they have lost a loved one, they have friends and neighbours who have crossed the street, rather than face them and mention the painful subject?

Death and loss can affect so many aspects of our lives, including the changing dynamics of any current relationships, be that family, friends or partners. Another important aspect is the way in which our loved one/significant person lost their life. That too can have an effect on the ones left behind. So on top of the loss you are dealing with and any issues that is raising, you are also trying to manage your current life and relationships.

Grief and loss aren't always about death. Changes in our circumstances, the loss of a relationship or friendship, declining health of self or others, losing a job or financial security, the list goes on.

Over the years I have worked with many bereaved clients, some are recently bereaved and some have long term losses they still haven't come to terms with. Some have lost significant people or pets. Having a safe place to acknowledge and discuss your feelings and to have support when moving through this painful process can be extremely helpful.

Please don't feel you have to hold down those painful thoughts, memories and feelings. If you are struggling with grief and loss and feel the need to have some help in order to work through your emotions, please don't hesitate to contact me.