Here are some testimonials from a few clients past and present. They have all given me permission to share their comments and have been made anonymous.

"Mia is a really friendly, approachable therapist who instantly puts you at ease with her down-to-earth approach and her warmth. I never felt judged and she listens and asks questions in order to really understand what you are thinking and feeling; she makes you feel validated! Her practical approach was really helpful and she has a real gift for coming up with some steps to help you to overcome your difficulties; but is sensitive enough to never make these steps feel overwhelming. I went to Mia to help me to overcome two areas of my life I had difficulty and have come away feeling much more empowered and in control of these issues and I needed much fewer sessions than I thought I would! There were times when Mia picked up that I needed to talk about the past, and others where she could see we could take action and she has a real gift at judging which approach to take. If you want a therapist who will help you out of a rut, not judge you and help you to see the wood from the trees then Mia is the one!"

"I first came to Mia when I was in the darkest of places, with no hope of ever being happy again. Over the last 4 years she gradually guided me away from the darkness and has provided me with the tools to ensure i never end up there again.
She is kind, considerate and skilful at what she does. The sessions and tools she uses/teaches are tailored to me and my mood, many a time we have totally changed plans and abandoned what we were doing because something had happened and I just needed to talk. I have never once felt uncomfortable or pressurised with her, even the very first session. Thanks to Mia I now understand myself and my feelings, am no longer afraid to be me and am a hundred times more resilient.
Without Mia my family certainly wouldn't still be together and to be honest I'm not even sure I'd be here to write this message. So I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks so much!"

"Accessing a counselling service can feel very daunting, but Mia made me feel totally at ease from the first session.
I was able to speak freely and openly in a safe, discreet and non judgemental environment. Mia is a brilliant listener who shows care and compassion. She helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings so I was able to take back control of my life and make positive changes."

"I have been working with Mia for the last few years and in that time I have gone from a very shy, unconfident and negative person to a much more positive, vibrant and open version of myself. Through her non-judgemental and warm approach Mia helped me to understand that even though the critical side of myself was dominant at that moment, that didn't have to be the case forever. She gave me the tools to look after myself and to see myself in a different light. She never rushed me and always let me control how the sessions went. You can genuinely tell that she cares and it makes all the difference. When things get too much Mia always reminds me to look after myself and not to forget how far I have come. I was a bit apprehensive before starting counselling but it was one of the best decisions I have made and would strongly recommend Mia to anyone who feels a bit lost. I will always be grateful for her"

"I've had several sessions with Mia working with various problems which have cropped up at different points over the last 18 months. She has really helped me get to know my anxiety, what triggers it and how I can help myself manage it. One of the best aspects is that she is a great listener and will let you speak openly about what's going on with your life. You work together to come up with solutions, making it feel like a partnership. Coming to therapy with Mia has changed the way I think about and the way I react to my anxiety, I am much better equipped to deal with the storms of life. I would thoroughly recommend her."

"I first came to see Mia in 2015 as I was suffering with terrible anxiety around relationships. I've had sessions with Mia for a total of 3 years in the last 4 and a half years. To sum it up, this is the best money I've ever spent and I now feel so much happier within myself and feel I live a far more fulfilled and content life. Mia gave me a number of tools to use and helped me to work through and unpick areas I was struggling with, and most of all she supported me to feel confident to really get to know myself - the good and the bad parts. This was not easy and at times I felt like giving up, but with Mia's support and guidance and my own determination I got there.
In our sessions Mia was extremely personable; she would remember the tiniest of details that I would have often forgotten. Mia guided me through the really difficult conversations and belly laughed with me when we were trying out new ways of moving forward.
Through this whole process I have learnt that it most definitely is not a quick fix, and it took me a lot of time, energy and hard work. Ultimately this was all worth it and I will always be thankful to Mia for the support and tools she gave me that I will take away and use for the rest of my life.
I can't recommend Mia enough. The 3 years of sessions I had have transformed my life. I now accept myself for who I am; this includes my faults and most importantly I have learned to love and to be kind to myself."