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What is counselling?

A counselling room is a place where you can explore your issue, difficulty or problem, whatever it may be. Counselling can be helpful in finding a way out of painful states such as depression and anxiety, transforming stuck and unhelpful patterns of behaviour, coming to terms with a loss or bereavement and healing the traumas of our personal history. This can sometimes be very challenging yet can help us to grow, fulfil our potential and reach a personal understanding. Counselling is a unique experience where you will feel the freedom to speak about anything that is on your mind with an impartial person. Trust in the relationship is paramount in making change happen. With commitment from both client and counsellor I believe we can work through your issues together to achieve your desired outcome.

What is a client to a counsellor?

What is a counsellor to a client?

It takes courage to embark on a process that can be difficult and challenging. However a positive experience of counselling can be helpful, uplifting and life altering.
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